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1 hr 44 min
Dec 29, 2019

Roshni Productions strives to ensure the Indian Community here in the USA are able to have the cultural experience as they would in India. We ensure to manage, promote, and celebrate the multi-cultural aspect of India by tuning into what the Community is wanting to see and hear for their entertainment. Our goal is to increase the understanding of India, Indian people and Indian culture among the larger community around us as well as making it enjoyable for the Indian community.


Videos & Trailers

Ek Shaam
Rafi ke Naam

1hr 35min | PG
Released Aug 12, 2019

Raas Garba

1hr 35min | PG
Released Aug 12, 2019

Arijit Singh

1hr 35min | PG
Released Aug 12, 2019

Ek Shaam Rafi

1hr 35min | PG
Released Aug 12, 2019


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We work alongside the Non-Profit Organizations, the different Indian Associations, and Promotional and Artist Management companies across the USA to ensure the artists and the musicians are available to all of the Indian Communities in America.

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